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I am interested in life, and the changes we encounter. I view everyday as a fresh start. Some life events are invited, and some life events invade. They can make us 'bitter' or 'better'-it is the "I" that makes the difference. I strive to embrace my life, and the events that I encounter.

200 times a Day

I went to a conference recently on social media. Social media seems to have taken over our American culture. On the average, a person will check their smart phone about 200 times a day. I see it at the workplace: … Continue reading

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Can’t Win

“So, what do you think of -fill in the blank with the name of the current President.” I do not like that question. I have discovered that there is usually a hidden agenda behind the querent. Since we have only … Continue reading

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Abandoned Churches

From Texas- to Macedonia- ¬†churches have begun to sit empty. I imagine that the global issue of deserted churches actually began prior to the people’s exit. In my opinion, the old teachings of what is right and what is wrong … Continue reading

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Traveling Changes Us

I love to travel with my husband. He sees it as an adventure. Prior to his influence, I took Xanax and hoped for the best. We have been to many places in America, but I have not traveled internationally. Although … Continue reading

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Morning in California

The Twins are up now Coffee helps them awaken Beach day ahead!

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