Abandoned Churches

From Texas-

Texas church

to Macedonia-

Macedonia church churches have begun to sit empty.

I imagine that the global issue of deserted churches actually began prior to the people’s exit. In my opinion, the old teachings of what is right and what is wrong (defined by that church) became tedious. People need inspiration, not criticism. People live in a fast pace, with multiple responsibilities and deadlines. If their church does not afford them a positive reason for attending, people will stop.

The Southern Baptist Convention has lost membership for 7 continuous years now. I was one of them. I became very tired of the negative, judgmental, and critical messages-both in the pulpit and in the teachings at large.

I wanted to be reminded that there is a bigger purpose than me. That things occur for reasons. That I could face whatever life brought my way. That I could assist in decreasing the sufferings of others. When the message consisted of “against this, and against that”, I stopped attending. Me and a million others.



About Faye

I am interested in life, and the changes we encounter. I view everyday as a fresh start. Some life events are invited, and some life events invade. They can make us 'bitter' or 'better'-it is the "I" that makes the difference. I strive to embrace my life, and the events that I encounter.
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