Traveling Changes Us

I love to travel with my husband. He sees it as an adventure. Prior to his influence, I took Xanax and hoped for the best. We have been to many places in America, but I have not traveled internationally. Although we plan a Danube Waltz River Cruise this summer. I eagerly look forward to the adventure with my husband!

Each vacation has exposed me to new visions, ideas, culture, cuisine and friends.

When we went to Hawaii I thought we’d never come back from that one. I could have stayed there forever. However, life is not so fair, and we returned to the snow and gray skies of Ohio’s winter. Winter is brightened as we cozy by the fireplace and sketch out our plans for the next summer adventure.





About Faye

I am interested in life, and the changes we encounter. I view everyday as a fresh start. Some life events are invited, and some life events invade. They can make us 'bitter' or 'better'-it is the "I" that makes the difference. I strive to embrace my life, and the events that I encounter.
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2 Responses to Traveling Changes Us

  1. I agree that travel does change us. I wrote a couple posts about that over the last week. We take our boys abroad as much as possible because of how it expands their little minds. Enjoy the cruise!


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