200 times a Day

I went to a conference recently on social media. Social media seems to have taken over our American culture. On the average, a person will check their smart phone about 200 times a day.

I see it at the workplace: during meetings, at lectures, at the desk, walking in the hall. I see it at restaurants: waiting for their order, sitting across from their dinner partner who is doing the same thing. I see it in our house: all three of us sitting around the family room, texting, iPADing, Facebook, Linked In, Tweeting. Family rooms should probably change their names to media room.

It’s fun. I enjoy it. I can see pictures of loved ones from all over the world.

But sometimes I wonder if we have lost the art of writing. Putting ink to a page and sending it with a stamp. Or recording our thoughts in a diary. 200 years from now, if someone goes through our old deserted attic, what will they find that personalized me? Old computers, keyboards, stack of dead phones. Many wonderful movies have been made sharing the story of the delightful secrets that children/grandchildren discovered about their parents/grandparents after they had passed.

On the other hand-being the moderate that I naturally am-perhaps a compromise is in order. No one could read my handwriting. All the scribbled pages in my multiple colored spiral notebooks would still go unread. They are illegible!

So, I use my phone, and I self publish my writings. If I had to put a box together today, to create a time capsule for future generations, I would place in it a cellular phone, a published work, and a spiral notebook with a pretty pen. I suppose,  I would be suggesting to future generations to tell their stories. Use what ever medium gets them out to others, but tell your stories. Leave pieces of you behind for others to cherish.

Faye typing


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Can’t Win

“So, what do you think of -fill in the blank with the name of the current President.” I do not like that question. I have discovered that there is usually a hidden agenda behind the querent. Since we have only had male presidents, the following thoughts run through my mind: as a father? as a man? as a husband? as a person? as a political ally? As soon as we vote in a female, the same questions will process through, only in reference to mother, wife…

If someone is interested in how I feel about a certain bill being debated on the hill, why not ask that? If someone is interested in how I feel about the current political structure of the USA, why not ask that? Asking how I feel about a person without a specific inquiry makes me feel setup.

It is difficult to imagine a relationship where I am in 100% agreement with another. The same holds true in a political leader. It is not a question if I like someone or not. I can like someone yet disagree with a particular position.

Perhaps my best answer would be, “Yes, I like most people, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with them.” People do not have to agree with me for me to like them. Maybe that is our problem in America. People don’t like people who disagree with them. I believe that is a great hindrance to communication. I think that leads to polarization.

A professor, William Braniff,  at the University of Maryland has proposed that such behavior can lead to extreme positions. In fact he goes on to suggest that polarization is the first step to becoming a violent extremist. He proposes that a  person is first polarized, then radicalized, and then activated. Pretty scary. No wonder I don’t like that question.


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Abandoned Churches

From Texas-

Texas church

to Macedonia-

Macedonia church churches have begun to sit empty.

I imagine that the global issue of deserted churches actually began prior to the people’s exit. In my opinion, the old teachings of what is right and what is wrong (defined by that church) became tedious. People need inspiration, not criticism. People live in a fast pace, with multiple responsibilities and deadlines. If their church does not afford them a positive reason for attending, people will stop.

The Southern Baptist Convention has lost membership for 7 continuous years now. I was one of them. I became very tired of the negative, judgmental, and critical messages-both in the pulpit and in the teachings at large.

I wanted to be reminded that there is a bigger purpose than me. That things occur for reasons. That I could face whatever life brought my way. That I could assist in decreasing the sufferings of others. When the message consisted of “against this, and against that”, I stopped attending. Me and a million others.


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Traveling Changes Us

I love to travel with my husband. He sees it as an adventure. Prior to his influence, I took Xanax and hoped for the best. We have been to many places in America, but I have not traveled internationally. Although we plan a Danube Waltz River Cruise this summer. I eagerly look forward to the adventure with my husband!

Each vacation has exposed me to new visions, ideas, culture, cuisine and friends.

When we went to Hawaii I thought we’d never come back from that one. I could have stayed there forever. However, life is not so fair, and we returned to the snow and gray skies of Ohio’s winter. Winter is brightened as we cozy by the fireplace and sketch out our plans for the next summer adventure.





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Morning in California

The Twins are up now
Coffee helps them awaken
Beach day ahead!

Faye at ocean

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